MWYC opens 85th aniversary open series


The British Moth Class which is celebrating its 85th anniversary year held its season opener at Mid Warwickshire Yacht Club on Willes Meadow Reservoir, Leamington Spa on Saturday 1 April 2017. Seven visiting boats joined four from the home fleet and once the early rain cleared up competitors enjoyed some close racing in quite pleasant conditions (On the all important Yachts and Yachting race reports fizzy drinks scale they probably equated to “Babycham” for those old enough to remember!)

In race 1 Tim Davison from Medley SC led the fleet without challenge for much of the race. Andy Matthews from Chew Valley followed and towards the end got quite close and despite instigating a tacking duel Davison took the race. Matthews held 2nd. Colin Hall from Hunts was 3rd and Elaine Laverty from the home Club took 4th which was her best finishing place of the day.

After the fleet were wined and dined race 2 got underway with a changed course. Matthews was first away but Gary Tompkins from Hunts was not far from his transom and managed to take the lead for a couple of laps. Davison, who had not had a great start found himself in the middle of the Peloton and having to fight for clear air. As the race progressed Matthews got back in front and extended his lead which he held to the finish. Davison staged a comeback and fought his way to second place until inexplicably falling out of his boat in the later stages of the race. We are not sure if there is a chapter on dealing with such matters in any of Tim’s sailing tomes; he managed to recover the situation extremely well but had to settle for 3rd place behind Tompkins.

The course remained unchanged for race 3 which was held back to back. It was reasonable for the race team to assume, therefore, that there was no need for a lead boat to show the fleet around the first lap. Matthews was the early leader with Davison in hot pursuit. On lap 2 it all started to go Pete Tongue as the pair had a crisis of confidence and seemed to completely lose their sense of direction. In the ensuing melee it was a chance for the home team to shine and The Pink Peril that is Elaine Laverty did not disappoint, holding the lead if only briefly. Matthews managed to recover the situation before the end of the lap. Davison once again found himself further down the fleet in 5th place. Obviously well used to fighting from behind he staged another comeback and soon found himself up to second place. A final shove for the front and he managed to overall Matthews comfortably before the shortened course was sounded to take line honours and the series.

Boats quickly packed up and it was time for the now traditional afternoon tea and cake fest. MWYC may not have the best sailors but their members’ baking expertise is right up there. The delightful selection was quickly hoovered up and just a few crumbs were left for the Club’s Sunday sailors,

The Moth fleet were generous in their financial support for MWYC’s new defibrillator and a few of them managed to clean up some prizes in the raffle. Said machine actually arrived on site earlier in the week but is still to be paid for. Fortunately no one required a jump start on the day and all the travellers and their quirky but delightful boats went home in one piece!