Cam Coffee Pot Report

Four visitors joined four memebers of Cam SC to compete for the annual CAm Coffee Pot.

Racing was in a steady force 3 to start,  increasing during the day. A North Easterly, although cold for the safety boat crew!, gave a good wind direction on our river course, with a beat, reach and a run.

The vent was not without its anomolies with Gary Tompkins going aground allowing Abby Freely through to beat him in the inal race.

Andy Matthews from Chew Valley SC sailed well and won all 3 races, discarding a first place to win our British Moth Open Trophy, The CAM COFFEE POT. Second and third places were finally decided on a ‘tie break’.


1st Andy Matthews Chew Valley SC

2nd Rick Benson Cam SC

3rd Stephen Seargeant Aldernam SC

4th Abby Freeley Hunts SC

5th Nick Heath Cam SC

6th Gary Tompkins Hunts SC

7th Ian Priest Cam SC

8th Christine Heath Cam SC

Somerville Results