Nationals Day 1

Racing started at 1.00pm with only 8 boats on the water. Many Moths felt that their boats were too valuable to be exposed to such wind speeds! Of the 8 boats, 3 retired (1 as they didn’t want to win because winning the practice race is bad luck). The remaining 5 boats battled it out to the end with 2 of them capsizing but persevering to the finish line.

The Teddy Hicks race saw 16 boats take to the water. 5 retired and many of the fleet capsized. One sailor was so determined to finish the race that after 4 capsizes when got up they almost rammed the safety boat who thought they were retiring.

Staunton Harold invited us to join their evening racing but the Moths were too busy drinking and arguing RYA rules. (The rain also helped transfer enthusiasm towards more alcohol!)