Medley Moth Bowl Sat 9 June Oxford

A high over the UK caused a north easterly off Port Meadow – perfect conditions for the Medley Moth Bowl . As a result 12 British Moths enjoyed super racing.


The main feature of the event was the heavily angled startline: competitors had to choose between starting well back but to weather, or ahead and to leeward. In the event the right choice depended on the wind during the first couple of minutes after the start. In shifty conditions, this was pure Russian Roulette.


In the first race visitor Abby Freeley started in the middle and was able to luff across the fleet into the lead. She was followed by newcomer Roger Boden with old hands Tim Davison and Toby Smith not far behind. Each of these had the lead at least once in the race, but at the finish it was Davison from Freeley, Boden and Smith.


Race 2 followed back to back. This time the windward end paid. Tim Davison started there and led for most of the race, before getting stuck in a permanent lull shortly before the finish. This allowed Toby Smith, who had been clawing his way back from a premature start, to take the lead and the gun by a coupe of seconds. Nail biting stuff! Rob Paynter and Ian Miller were not far behind.


After a great lunch  Race 3 was started in a lull but Toby Smith found a puff and pulled out an impressive lead which he held to the finish. Abby Freeley and Roger Boden were next to get going but Smith was long gone. Freeley eventually finished second with Tim Davison, recovering from a poor start, third.


Race 4 promised a showdown between Smith and Davison and the two duly diced around the course, not a feeler gauge between them. In the end it was Smith by a couple of seconds. Roger Boden was third and Rob Paynter fourth.


So Toby Smith took the day, winning the Bossoms Challenge Cup (for Race 3) and the overall trophy, the magnificent Medley Moth Bowl, which dates from the 1950s when cups were cups. Well done to him!