Class: Vintage
Start: 06 April 2019 18:00:00
2019 Somerville Vintage series (tandem)
Place Sail No Flags Helm Club Points
1 783 BSV John Wayling Northampton SC 1
2 285 BSV Manuel Greenwood Telford SC 2
DNC CLUB S Andy Cook Medley SC (34)
DNC 434 SV Gerard Hoen Medley (34)
DNC 730 LSV Olga Olsanikova Maidenhead (34)
DNC 757 LSV Nicola Barrett FOSSC (34)
DNC 784 LSV Jenny Bentley NOMAD (34)
DNC 788 SV Georgina Ferry Medley SC (34)
This is a tandem race drawn from the following real race results:
Class: British Moth, Series: 2019 Somerville Vintage series, Race_1
The following notes come from the real races:
Results last updated on 24/07/2019 at 20:50
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Race officer was LSSC
Wind speed was 0 to 0 kts, direction N
The meanings of the selection flags in this race are as follows:
B - Senior
S - Silver Fleet
V - Vintage Trophy
L - Lady