South Cerney British Moth Open

SCSC are very kindly hosting a 2 day open meeting on the 18th and 19th of September 2021. Camping at the club will be allowed on the night of the 18th but not on the Friday before. The N.O.R. and S.I. for the event are attached and include details of how to register for the event. Details on how to pre-order food will follow later. In the S.I. it says “The following flag will be used as the class flag for the duration of the event:” it should show a picture of the BM Class flag, but for some reason the jpeg didn’t copy?


South Cerney SC
British Moth Open Meeting
Notice of Race
18 – 19 September 2021
1. Organising Authority
1.1 The organising authority is South Cerney Sailing Club.
2. RYA Racing Charter
2.1 Competitors should note that South Cerney Sailing Club implements the RYA Racing
Charter and that they will be required to undertake to sail in compliance with the
Charter, which can be found at the front of the Racing Rules of Sailing 2021 – 2024
(published by World Sailing), on the club’s notice board, or on the RYA Website:
3. Rules
3.1 The event will be governed by the ‘Rules’ as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing
(RRS) 2021-2024.
3.2 Covid-19 Statement. All competitors, parents, guardians, and authorised guests
must comply with both Government rules/ restrictions and the South Cerney SC
Covid-19 Documents applicable at the time of the event and available at:
All persons shall comply with any reasonable request from an official of the
organising authority. Failure to comply may constitute misconduct. Please note that
‘reasonable actions’ by officials to implement the club’s Covid-19 guidance, protocols
and/ or Government legislation, even if they later prove to have been unnecessary,
are not improper actions or omissions.
3.3 A breach of the Covid-19 rules or guidance by a competitor and/ or person(s) on site
in support of a competitor(s) is deemed grounds for exclusion from the event.
rel.1.1/mcj/030921 page 2 British Moth Open Notice of Race 18-190921
4. Conditions of Entry
4.1 The event is open to all boats of the British Moth class and all boats must hold a
current British Moth class registration certificate.
4.2 Pre-entry must be made via the club website using the following link: South Cerney Sailing Club : British Moth Open Meeting 2021
or by e-mail to the club Sailing Secretary: The event
entry fee is £25.00 and a limit of 30 boats will apply.
4.3 Each participating boat shall be insured with third-party liability insurance with a
minimum cover of £2,000,000 (Two Million Pounds) per incident or the equivalent.
4.4 The safety of a boat and its entire management, including insurance shall be the sole
responsibility of the competitor(s) racing the boat.
4.5 The organising authority shall not be liable for any loss, damage, death, or personal
injury howsoever caused to any competitor (i.e. helm or crew) or boat owner, as a
result of their taking part in the event. Moreover, every owner/ competitor warrants
the suitability of his/ her boat for the race or races that they elect to compete in.
5. Event and Programme
5.1 Sailing Instructions (SIs) for the event are available on the club website. Printed
paper copies will be posted at the clubhouse on the day of the event. Any changes to
the SIs will be posted on the club website and on the notice board before the event.
5.2 There will be a briefing for all competitors at 1115 hours on Saturday 18 September
2021. The briefing will take place on the patio area adjacent the clubhouse lawn.
5.3 The event will comprise six races: four races on Saturday 18 September 2021 and
two races on Sunday 19 September 2021. The scheduled time of the warning signal
for the first race on Saturday 18 September is 1155 hours. The subsequent race will
be sailed back-to-back with the first race and its warning signal made as soon as
practicable. There will be a break of approximately 40 minutes between the end of
the second race and the warning signal for the third race. No warning signal will be
made after 1730 hours.
5.4 The scheduled time of the warning signal for the first race on Sunday 19 September
2021 is no earlier than 0955. The warning signal for the subsequent race will be
made as soon as practicable after the club’s Solo fleet have started their Autumn
Series class race, e.g. 1111 hours. No warning signal will be made after 1400 hours.
6. Courses
6.1 The course to be sailed for each race will be set by the organising authority at Lake
16, Station Road, South Cerney, Gloucestershire GL7 5TH. See the lake map in the
club SIs for further information on rounding marks, obstructions, and other features.
rel.1.1/mcj/030921 page 3 British Moth Open Notice of Race 18-190921
6.2 The course will be posted on the Committee Boat or at the Race Hut. A powered
lead boat may be used at the discretion of the Race Officer.
7. Scoring
7.1 The low point scoring system (RRS Appendix A) will apply.
7.2 The number of race results that will be used to determine a boat’s series score will
be as follows:
• 6 races completed: best 4 results will count to give series score, i.e. 2 discards.
• 4 or 5 races completed: the number of races minus one will count, i.e. 1 discard.
• 1 to 3 races completed: all races will count, i.e. no discards.
8. Penalty System
8.1 The Scoring penalty RRS 44.3 applies. The penalty is 20% of the number of entries
for the event.
9. Portsmouth Number (PN)
9.1 BMBA PN adjustments will apply to determine a boat’s overall scores according to
their recognised designation within the fleet.
10. Prizes
10.1 Prizes will be awarded for 1
st, 2nd and 3rd place overall. Extra prizes may be awarded
at the discretion of the organising authority and the British Moth class representative.
11. Advertising and Sponsorship
11.1 Advertising will be permitted in accordance with the BMBA rules.
12. Further Information
12.1 Government guidance relating to the Covid-19 pandemic may change during the
interim period leading up to the event. Competitors are referred to §3.2 in this regard.
Should the forecasted wind strength and/ or Covid-19 restricts cause the organising
authority to cancel the event by 2000 hours on Thursday 03 September 2021, Notice
of Cancellation will be posted on the club’s website. Any pre-paid entries will be
refunded in full.
12.2 For further information please contact: Malcolm James (SCSC Sailing Secretary: tel.
07812 590527; ) or Jonathan Stevenson (SCSC Vice
Commodore e-mail:
Malcolm James
Sailing Secretary
03 September 2021


South Cerney SC
British Moth Open Meeting
Changes to Sailing Instructions (SIs)
18 – 19 September 2021
SI 6. Class Flags
The following flag will be used as the class flag for the duration of the event:
SI 10.10. Start Sequence
SI 10.10 does not apply. RRS 26 will be used for the start sequence (i.e. 5,4,1, GO).
SI 13. Time Limit and Target Times (i.e. race duration)
• The target time for the leading boat to finish will be 35 minutes.
• The time limit for the leading boat to finish will be 45 minutes.
• Boats failing to finish within 10 minutes of the leading boat finishing will be scored
Did Not Finish (DNF) without a hearing.
• At the Race Officer’s discretion, boats which are a long distance behind, and would
otherwise be timed out, may be finished after completing fewer laps than the
leading boat. Their finishing position will be adjusted accordingly. These boats will
be individually informed that they have been finished by the Race Committee or
safety boat.
• The above changes RRS 28.
SI 16. Wind Strength
• Races will not be started unless the wind strength over the whole of the course is in
excess of an average of 4 (four) knots.