Somerville 2021

Finally, the overall results for the 2021 Somerville series:

This year there were only 3 helms who sailed enough events to qualify ,but a total of 25 sailors took part in the series.

The winner of the Somerville series 2021 was Tim Davison, from Medley SC.  He came 2nd at the first event of the year at Maidenhead SC and scored three 1st places at Medley SC, Fishers Green SC, Hunts SC and Oxford SC.

In second place was Richard Keefe, from Hunts SC. He came 6th at Medley SC, 2nd at Fishers Green SC, a 2nd place at Hunts SC and second again at Oxford SC.

In third place was Gary Tompkins, also from Hunts SC. He was 8th at Medley SC, 6th at Fishers Green SC, 4th at Hunts SC and 5th at Desborough SC.

The 2022 Somerville calendar is being drawn up at present, but will start at Welsh Harp on the 10th April 2022.