The Somerville Trophy – Travellers Trophy

The Somerville Trophy was first presented in 1959 – donated by Derek Somerville of Staines S.C. Derek was Commodore of Staines S.C. for 25 years as well as being the first chairman of the BMBA.

The trophy is for overall score of those travelling to open meetings through the season. As such, it is known as the Class’s National Travellers Series Trophy and is much sought after.

BMBA Somerville Trophy

BMBA Somerville Trophy

The 4-sided Pyramid shaped hardwood trophy, which features a hand tooled embossed scene of two Moths racing, has past winners on its 3 remaining sides. Qualification for the trophy has changed over the years, at one time all designated opens were deemed necessary for qualification with 99 points awarded for non attendance. These days helms can miss a few opens and still qualify.

In the 80’s and 90’s Godfrey Clark won the Trophy 12 times, but from 2000 onwards nobody has dominated the competition. Since 2000 David Peer (B.A.S.C.) and Tim Davison (Medley S.C.) have each claimed two victories ; Roger Witts (Frampton-on-Severn S.C.) has chalked up a total of 3 wins.

In 2012 the Somerville Trophy increased in significance as this is the Class’s 80th Anniversary year and was won by Rob Wilder from Tamesis Club.



IMAG0362 Vintage Trophy

In 2014 an additional Trophy was added to the Somerville – The Vintage Trophy.  This was introduced to encourage older boats to take part in the Travellers series.  It was initially for boats numbered upto 750.  It wasn’t until the 2016 series that any boat competed enough races to qualify.  The  first winner was Jenny Bentley in BM700.

The 2017 series sees the boat number increase to no 799.


Somerville Trophy Winners

1959R.S.SmithStaines SC
1960C.R.EdwardsStaines SC
1961R.C.CreevesMedway SC
1962R.C.CreevesMedway SC
1963R.C.CreevesMedway SC
1964T.F. CooperBroxbourne SC
1965T.F. CooperBroxbourne SC
1966W.F.V. KingBroxbourne SC
1967M.G. AbbottWarwick SC
1968S.R. CooperBroxbourne SC
1969T.F. CooperBroxbourne SC
1970M.D. MetcalfCam SC
1971M.D. MetcalfCam SC
1972C. BoneBritish Motor YC
1973M.D. MetcalfCam SC
1974M.D. MetcalfCam SC
1975C.D. HillBristol Avon SC
1976S. HutchinsonBroxbourne SC
1977G.L. HollandBroxbourne SC
1978G.L. HollandBroxbourne SC
1979F.MonkBroxbourne SC
1980G. ClarkBroxbourne SC
1981G. ClarkBroxbourne SC
1982G. ClarkBroxbourne SC
1983G. ClarkBroxbourne SC
1984D. MathewsWarwick SC
1985J. ShippBroxbourne SC
1986G. ClarkBroxbourne SC
1987M. FowlerHunts SC
1988T. Cooper JnrBroxbourne SC
1989T. Cooper JnrBroxbourne SC
1990M. FowlerHunts SC
1991G. ClarkBroxbourne SC
1992T. CooperBroxbourne SC
1993G. ClarkBroxbourne SC
1994G. ClarkBroxbourne SC
1995G. ClarkBroxbourne SC
1996G. ClarkBroxbourne SC
1997G. ClarkBroxbourne SC
1998G. ClarkBroxbourne SC
1999Sandy GassBristol Avon SC
2000David PeersBristol Avon SC
2001David PeersBristol Avon SC
2002David EalesEvesham
2003G. PopeSevern SC
2004Coln HallHunts SC
2005Tim DavisonMedley SC
2006Tim DavisonMedley SC
2007Rob WilderTamesis
2008Roger WittsFoSSC
2009Gary TompkinsSESCA
2010Roger WittsFoSSC
2011Roger WittsFoSSC
2012Rob WilderTamesis
2013T. CooperBroxbourne SC
2014T. CooperBroxbourne SC
2015T. CooperBroxbourne SC
2016T. CooperBroxbourne SC
 2017 Tim Davison Medley SC

Vintage Trophy

2016 – Jenny Bentley – Maidenhead SC

2017 – Elaine Gilligham – Hunts SC


Silver Fleet Trophy 

-Donated by John Burford

2017 –  Simon Hall – Maidenhead SC