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Photo Albums

2023 Nationals Day 2  Nationals 2022
Nationals 2023 Day 1  Photos 2013
 Photos 2012
  Photos 2017  Photos 2011
 Photos 2016  Photos 2010
 Photos 2015  Photos 2009
 Photos 2014  Photos 2008




2017 Nationals

Practice Race

Teddy Hicks Trophy

Coupe de Leon

Marlow Ropes

Obelisk Trophy

Ameythst Trophy

Thompson Trophy

Solent Trophy

Tribute and Presentation 2017


Broxbourne 2017 Open

To be uploaded


Interview with Tommy Cooper Part 1 Hunts open 2013
Tommy Coopers Memoirs Pt 2 Hunts Open 2013 Race 2
Tommy Coopers Memoirs Pt 3 Race 4 Nationals 2013
Tommy Coopers memoirs Pt 4 Race 3 Nationals 2013
Tommy Coopers Memoirs Pt 5 Race 5 Nationals 2013
Tommy Coopers Memoirs Pt 6 Race 6 Nationals 2013
Tommy Coopers Memoirs Pt 7 Race 7 Nationals 2013
Tommy Coopers Memoirs Pt 8
Tommy Coopers Memoirs Pt 9 Moth sailing in Force a lot!
Tommy Coopers Memoirs Pt 10  Whitefriars Race 2 (Go Pro footage)
Tommy Coopers Memoirs Pt 11
Tommy Coopers Memoirs Pt 12
Tommy Coopers Memoirs Pt 13
Tommy Coopers Memoirs Pt 14




Open Meetings:


Frampton Open Oct 2009

Bristol Avon Padfield Trophy July 2009

Fowey “Salty Weekend” 2009

Frampton Open April 2009

Frampton Club Handicap Racing March 2009


Chippenham Open September 2008

Desborough Open September 2008

Northampton Open July 2008

Staines Open July 2008

Fowey “Salty Weekend” 2008

St Edmundsbury Open June 2008

Frampton Club Handicap Racing June 2008

Salterns Sail Training May 2008

Frampton Open May 2008

Evesham Open April 2008

Tamesis Open March 2008

Frampton Practice Session March 2008

The Launch of “Scruff” March 2008

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