Virtual Regatta 8.00pm Wednesday 8th April

A Virtual race is due to take place at 8.00pm Wednesday 8th April.
(we’ll do one on Thursday at 8.00pm and Sunday at 8.00pm following)

How to Play

1. If you’re on a computer or laptop click the image / link below ;On

2. If you’re on an Apple device like an Ipad or Iphone;
Download on the App Store


3.If you’re on an Android device like a Samsung, Huawei etc;
Get it on Google Play


There’s a help page with step by step instructions here; Help Page

You need a race code to join each race.
Richard Keefe will send the race code to you, if you ask him via

  • There will be a series of 6 races.
  • Each race will start 5 minutes after the end of the last race
  • The first race area will open 15 minutes before race start.

If you need more technical help email me
or pm me on facebook